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Free workout Routines – Ultimate Sandbag Exercise Videos Online – Challenging!

Exercise Videos

Today we present you with another Free Workout Routine, which involves the Ultimate Sandbag. Michael and Andrea will demonstrate what exercises are done in this routine, and then they will go through the full routine without explanation so the viewers can follow along in order to become Slim, Strong, and Healthy. The workout may require …

Anti-aging Diet to Get the Perfect Skin

Skin Care

Did you know that you have two types of age – biological and chronological! Chronological age is basically your current age in years. Biological age is your true age as it represents your age at cellular level. Chronological age is beyond our control but with the proper anti-aging diet you can definitely slow …

Top 9 Testosterone Killers & How To Save Your Testosterone

Men's Health

Low testosterone can affect relationships by upsetting your libido

In many cases, low testosterone is down to one or more of nine causes.  This common condition in men can adversely affect your standard of life. It has been linked to reduced strength, low performance, low energy, and poor libido.
Luckily, there are some great …

Are You Suffering From Symptoms Of Low Testosterone?

Men's Health

There may be an easy way to improve your quality of life – a condition that affects millions of men all over the world. Low testosterone can obstruct your quality of life so it’s important to spot its effects so that you can start doing something about it. Experts like Christopher Walker have fantastic information on how to …

The Top Testosterone Killers, And How To Boost Back Naturally

Men's Health

Start boosting your testosterone levels today

Lower testosterone levels can leave you lagging, and perhaps even lacking- when it comes to performance, muscle mass, and aging. These issues can strongly affect your day-to-day life and lives of the people around you.
The aging process causes a lowering in testosterone levels. Men go …

7 Top Acne Fighting Foods For Women

Skin Care

Did you know that Broccoli is an acne-fighting superpower?

Acne can really disrupt one’s daily life, but it can be easily dealt with. The world’s top experts, like Mike Walden, have spent years researching the solution to fighting and beating acne.
Watching what you eat is a great place to start. Avoiding foods that can …

Can You Really Burn Fat While You Sleep With A Secret Fat Burning Hormone?

Women’s Health

As a woman, we know how busy life can get. With so many responsibilities, how about leveraging your sleep time to increase the burning of fat.  Discover the method thousands of women are using to gain the body they desire today.
In the guest presentation by a renowned fat loss expert and University of Florida, learn one tip that you can …

How To Get Rid Of Cellulite & Thigh Fat Through Sleep?

Women’s Health

Women around the Giving your body adequate rest is just as important as exercise and diet. Reducing levels of sleep can actually adversely affect your weigh-loss or muscle gaining efforts. If you don’t get adequate sleep, you’ll face many problems like a high blood cortisol level, impaired glucose control and much more! On top of …