Steering Clear Of Diet Disasters


downloadWhen it comes to eating a nutritious, vitamin filled healthy diet, intentions for many of us are good. However, without careful attention there are about 20 food frauds that could do some real damage to a diet plan.

1. Cheese –  Offers nutrition with an extra dose of fat, calories and cholesterol.

2. Milk – Makes bones strong and can make pants a bit too tight. Whole milk is loaded with fat and sugars. The calcium it offers is great but skim would be a slightly better choice.

3. Breads –  The extra carbohydrates, salt and sugars in bread products can add extra pounds and bloat.

4. Beer –  A fan favorite but their is some truth to the nick name beer belly. Beer is full of starches, calories and empty ones at that. It can cause quite a gut to develop.

5. Wine – Seems to be a better alternative to beer but in reality wine has a lot of empty calories and sugars. When consumed with food it can bring the calorie count sky high.

6. Alcoholic Drinks – Liquor has empty calories and when mixed with soda or fruit juices it is truly a diet buster.

7. Chocolate – Known to improve mood for some it can also dampen a person’s mood when they eat it regularly and put on extra pounds.

8. Ice Cream –  Has some vitamins but is hard to control portions and goes down way to easily. It is a haven for fat and sugar with loads of calories.

9. Red Meat – Protein filled but also with added fat, calories and cholesterol.

10. Fried Anything – Chicken, fish, donuts, you name it, if its fried its going to add to your belly fat and overall weight issues.

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11. Dried Fruits – Are usually thought of as a healthy choice but their again they are calorie dense with a ton of sugar, salt and sometimes fats.

12. Processed Meats – Things like sausage, bacon, jerky all are tasty but add so many calories and the salt content is just unhealthy.

13. Baked Goods – These tasty after meal treats need to be left for special occasions. The fats and sugars alone will add inches to a waistline especially when eaten regularly.

14. Smoothies – A few years back smoothies were all the rage. What could be wrong with a vitamin infused smoothie? Everything. They are full of waistline increasing sugars and in some cases fats.

15. Peanut Butter – Many of us were raised on the stuff but we also ran and played all they time and burned off those calories. Peanut butter is full of fat, calories and sugars.

16. Sodas – This beverage choice is full of calories, sugars, salt and chemicals. Not a very good drink choice.

17. Juices – An alternative to soda, drinking fruit juices can be almost as bad a choice. It is full of sugars and calories and the excess can add inches and pounds. Drinking calories is never a good idea. you will still be hungry but have maxed out your calories on beverages alone.

18. Snack Foods – This is more of a group of food frauds but in the same category. Things like potato chips, pretzels, snack chips all have no place near a fit waistline. They are again loaded with calories and salts.

19. Nutrition Bars – Runners and triathletes use nutrition bars for a sours of quick energy. Fine for them but for the average person a nutrition bar is way to calorie dense and should not be eaten in between meals. More like in place of a meal if they are consumed at all. Nutrition bars also have a great deal of un-needed sugars and salts.

20. Pastas – The problem with pasta is it is just to good. Rice is also in this category. Portion control with these items is difficult. A half a cup serving is for a bird. They also offer sugar and wasted calories and when covered in sauces can be the end of the road for a diet plan.

These are 20 Food Frauds that could wreck your diet add to your belly fat and when eaten in excess be a bit unhealthy. All foods seem to offer some pluses but in many cases the minuses can far out way those and cause excess belly fat and weight gain. The reality is its just not worth the price you will pay to eat that belly busting food.


Some of these may be extremely difficult to avoid, but it is imperative that you make it a habit to take these foods out of your nutritional plan.  Just in case you need a little extra help, I’d suggest the Fat Loss Factor Program.  The chapter, “Fat Loss Factor’s 3 Axioms of Success”, will help guide you down the right path.  It goes into detail about ways to avoid the most common pitfalls that people tend to fall into.

Think about it this way.  How many times have you tried to lose weight in the past?  How many times have you failed?  Why is this time going to be any different?  Why not just take care of the problem once and for all and never have to deal with it again.  It’s very possible and can be done with the right program in place.  Do things the right way and enjoy life like never before.  Watch this short video HERE

Dr. Charles does a very good job of breaking everything down and making it extremely easy to follow.  That is why the Fat Loss Factor Program is so popular here at Slim Strong & Healthy.


If you have any questions about this article or the Fat Loss Factor Program, feel free to ask.  Also, prepare yourself for tomorrow’s lesson, it’s going to be a good one!



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