6 Tips To Properly Reduce Body Fat


downloadMost people reading this were raised by well-meaning parents who only wanted to give them the best in life. While they tried to instill healthy habits, they instilled much more in the way of poor eating habits. How many meals did you spend as a child where you were told repeatedly to clean your plate? Were you told about the starving children in Africa and how they did not have anything to eat? Perhaps you stuffed down those last few bites, feeling overly full, yet knowing that you were doing the right thing and not wasting your food. This kind of thinking is what is destroying us and it is time we break away from the clean plate mentality and understand the proper ways to nourish our bodies and lose weight.

Most of us live in a land that is plentiful with food. While there is not a shortage of food, there is a shortage of nutrition. As our food quality grows poorer and poorer, we are all becoming overweight and even obese. The entire population is getting larger and larger. While we cannot all blame our parents, we certainly can blame some of the notions that we were taught growing up.

Most people have no idea what the proper portion sizes are. Our portions of burgers, fries, and soft drinks have become so large, that we do not even know what a correct portion is, not to mention knowing how to measure one. It is important that you get back to the basics and truly understand what the right portion size is. From here, you can begin to retrain your mind and body to work together for your health and not separately.

To measure proper portion control, you need only look to your hand. The proper portion size should be about the size of your fist. A typical meal should consist of a fist-sized portion of chicken breast, a palm-sized apple, and a fist-sized baked potato. You can switch up the fruits and change your sides, but the portion size should remain the same.


The only exemption to this rule is raw vegetables. You can truly eat as many raw vegetables as you like. Raw vegetables are very low in calories and high in nutrients.

They are the perfect food for your body and provide all of the nutrition, vitamins, and minerals that your body needs. You should eat raw veggies and salads as often as you can and eat as much as you can in each meal.

To truly change the way that you think about eating and portion control, you must train your brain to understand that there is a huge difference between being full and being satisfied. Being full means that you have eaten entirely too much and that your body is now saying to your brain that it needs to begin storing fat for later.

If you eat until you satisfy your hunger, your body will not store fat and you will never reach maximum capacity. Your body was never intended to handle the full load of calories that you regularly feed it. By understanding this fact, you can begin to learn when you are hungry and when you are overly full. You should never eat until you feel full. This is a guaranteed way to keep your fat away.

There are several tips that you can use to help you control your portion size and get you eating on the level that your body needs. By eating only the calories that you need, you will be able to lose weight and fat as your body releases all of your old fat storage.

1. Always use a small plate. Since we have this notion that we must clean our plates, it helps to have a smaller plate. It seems overly simple, but it truly does work.

2. If you must eat out, never, ever supersize your meal. Fast foods are terrible choices in eating. They have no nutritional value and are full of fats, sugars, and sodium. Choose the smallest menu item and satisfy your hunger, not your gluttony.

3. Eat 6 small meals a day. In this way, you can keep your metabolism working at a higher level and keep your hunger at bay. This will help to stop those nagging cravings and you will burn more fat.

4. When you snack, premeasure your snacks into small bags and containers. If your snack is premeasured, you will not overeat and will only eat the perfect measured portion.

5. When you eat out, always start with a large salad. Salads are always your best option at any restaurant. By filling up on the raw salad, you will not be able to eat as much of the fattier meal.

6. Finally, it is important that you begin to eat to nourish your body. Think about each and every morsel that you place in your mouth. Realize that you are providing for your health in everything that you consume. Choose wisely, and your body will thank you.

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