Best And Worst Vegetables For Metabolic Health


Every mother admonishes his or her child to eat his vegetables while growing up, and there’s good reason for this, since vegetables are scientifically proven as one of the best ways to promote a long and healthy life. Different vegetables offer various boosts to certain vitamins and metabolic processes within the body and some vegetables offer more benefits than others.

Most people do not eat enough vegetables and regularly miss out on all of the superior benefits of eating a healthy diet. The International Food Information Council Foundation recently reported that most Americans don’t eat enough vegetables. Apparently, most people think eating vegetables is too confusing as far as which vegetables should be eaten and which provide the biggest health benefits.

With just a little reading, anyone can decide upon a smart vegetable strategy and include these healthy foods in his or her diet. The United States Department of Agriculture suggests that a full fifty percent of a person’s average meal should be made up of fruits and vegetables. This is very rarely the case, however, as many people concentrate on meat and grains instead.

The USDA also suggests that the average American should be able to include healthy fruits and vegetables in their diet for just $2.50 a day. This means eating healthy doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

Vegetables Like Candy Bars

All vegetables are not equal, and some possess a rather hefty amount of sugar. Although the sugar inside these vegetables isn’t the same sort that might come out of a packet of sugar at a fast food restaurant, the food metabolizes into sugar in the bloodstream. This means that if a person eats too much of the following vegetables and doesn’t have an active lifestyle, these vegetables could contribute to some weight gain.


Although these vegetables shouldn’t be avoided, they should be eaten in moderation, just like most other foods. They are probably healthier than a Snickers bar, but that doesn’t mean that they can be eaten without thought.

Terrific Metabolism Boosting Vegetables

Vegetables are healthy and contain terrific vitamins and minerals, but certain vegetables offer higher health benefits and may help to make the metabolism more efficient through natural cleansing and detoxifying of the body. Many of the following vegetables are called “cruciferous vegetables” and this means they contain valuable nutrients called phytonutrients.

Brussels sprouts
Collard greens
Swiss chard

Not only do these vegetables offer natural cleansing properties, but they are often low in calories and offer terrific fiber content. These vegetables are one of the most important elements of a healthy diet designed for weight loss, but they also provide superior nutrition for anyone seeking to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The healthiest vegetables have been linked to such health benefits as the lowering of blood pressure, lower cancer risk, reduced incidence of heart disease and even improvement of the digestive system.

Making Vegetable Choices Simple

There’s no reason to memorize whether vegetables are going to be high in sugar as the Harvard School of Public Health offers an extremely simple way to determine whether a vegetable is going to offer all the best benefits such as a metabolism boost. Harvard researchers suggest that choosing the most colorful vegetables in hues of dark green is the easiest way to choose the healthiest vegetables for a dinner plate.

Tips for Eating More Vegetables

Eating vegetables doesn’t have to be difficult and after figuring out which vegetables are best for their metabolism boosting properties, there are a few simple tasks that will make eating vegetables on a regular basis a much easier project:

1. Try new vegetables every week to find favorite tastes and new recipes

2. Prepare vegetables in advance for snacking so they’re easy to include in meals

3. Make vegetables a primary source of food in a meal instead of meat or simple grains

4. Include vegetables in every meal

Making a Lifestyle Change for Health

One of the most significant elements of losing weight and keeping it off is that the lifestyle adopted during the dieting phase should be one of permanent change. Only through continued healthy living will the weight stay off. This means including vegetables in a diet and keeping them there even after a dieter reaches his or her goal weight.

Although some of the vegetables above have been labeled as less nutritious than others, a person should always choose a vegetable over anything like a candy bar or a highly refined food. Vegetables may metabolize into sugar, but that sugar won’t throw the body’s functions into chaos unless a significant amount is consumed. Exercise is the perfect way to use that sugar for energy and vegetables like potatoes, corn and peas may be the perfect food to eat a few hours before a workout.

Since The Department of Health and Human Services and Agriculture suggests that eating more fruits and vegetables is essential, just about everyone could benefit from tossing a few, healthy pieces of broccoli on their plate next time they sit down to eat.

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