High Protein Diet Plan: 10 Protein Packed Foods For Healthy Living


Did you know that the word protein is derived from a Greek word which means “something that is of first importance”. Indeed proteins play the most important part in human nutrition. For a healthy living your fat loss diet should contain high protein and low fat.
Why is it so important to have a high protein diet …

Protein Smoothie Recipes: Low Calorie Shake For Weight Loss – SIMPLE VIDEO GUIDE


Today, SlimStrongHealthy presents you one of our Protein smoothie recipes, which can be easily made with a few ingredients.  Make sure to watch the video and see how we make this healthy snack to help you get slim, strong and healthy.
Get the Products Needed to Make this Low Calorie Shake:
The following are …

TRX Exercises: Do Full Body Workout Routine At Home – FREE Video!

Exercise Videos

Hello everyone! Are you ready for another great Slim, Strong, Healthy workout routine? Today’s full body workout routine focuses on upper body and triceps and biceps for men, and core, abs, and legs for women. It also includes fun Salsa dance warm-up, and simple kickboxing moves to boost your motivation. …

Slim Strong And Healthy After Pregnancy

Women’s Health

A new mother’s life can be overwhelming. You bring a little one home from the hospital and there are so many new things to learn. The last thing you have time for is worrying about losing the baby weight. Hollywood hasn’t done new mothers any favors.
Celebrities seem to lose baby weight at the drop of a hat. …

Fast Results Dieting Tips For An Event


It’s the day you’ve dreamed about all of your life. Ever since you were a little girl, you’ve closed your eyes and imagined what it would be like to have all of your friends and family gathered in one magical place. In this dream, everyone gasps and smiles as they watch you enter the room. You’re …

Burn The Fat With A Cardio Workout That Finally Works!


Let’s face it; most of us do not have the time to spend hours at the gym to try and achieve the body that we want. While some gym exercises are effective, other methods have been proven to burn fat much more effectively. If you are tired of spending hours at the gym and seeing no results, allow yourself to be …

The 7 Food Additives That Cause Weight Gain


Many of the foods we commonly eat contain food additives. These additives are man-made synthetic chemicals. They are created in a lab and carefully chosen to make food taste better. But did you know these additives make you fat? Think about it if the food industry can make you eat more they sell more product making them …

The Facts and 8 Solutions to Stress Related Weight Gain


The rise of stress in our society is a major concern of our nation’s health. Recent studies show stress to be a contributing factor in the obesity epidemic. Stress does have a major impact on our ability to stop weight gain or shed unwanted pounds. The lifestyle we lead combined with stress works through a complicated …