Exercise Videos

Over the last year, we’ve been using this routine format and have found that it’s more fun, gives us a better workout and helps us improve our skill in sports and flexibility in a shorter time period than going to a specific class for each activity or doing other workouts we’ve tried.

The classes are taught in groups of 1-4 since it’s more fun to work out with others!  While you can do the routines solo, they are designed to be done with 1-2 guys working out with 1-2 girls.

All classes follow the same structure:

  • Warm up while having fun, laughing if possible, and whenever possible incorporating movements that build muscle memory for a useful skill.  Yes, we believe reverting back to some of the games we played as kids (like tag) is actually a progression toward healthier living and perfect warmup exercises.
  • Circuit routine that incorporate a focus on strength exercises for men and toning for women, a sport activity and active stretching.  Why? We love sports, are passionate about dance, dig the feeling exercising gives, enjoy the feeling of flexibility, but we are limited on time and just can’t dedicate the time to do all separately.  As such, we’ve combined them into one routine.  The other reason is that we believe the most attractive women and men have are toned/have strength respectively, flexibility, and move with an elegance.
  • Cool down that focuses on stretching (active whenever possible) and some partner based stretching with options to do solo.
  • We sweat, we train hard, and we strive to improve each routine.  We welcome your feedback and recognize that since we try to push ourselves to the point (or beyond after a brief rest) of failure each routine, we also welcome the diminishing of form as a way to improve more next time.  We praise our students who also push themselves, often doing the day’s routine for the very first time.  Come join us and give us constructive criticism how we can make the free routines the best ever for you and your friends!

Product Reviews

We share some of the products we’ve tried that have worked for us that we continue to buy and use.  Our goal is to help save you the many thousands of dollars we spent on ‘testing things’.

Cooking Videos

Step into our kitchen and cook healthy food with us.


Any suggestions or things you’d like to see, please contact us.

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