Three Secret Reasons You Can’t Lose Weight

top-secretHave you ever had an experience where having to shed extra pounds or keep the weight off is just harder for you than for any other people?

For some individuals, due to a combination of physiological differences and genetic factors, it is truly easier to add on weight and tougher to take it off. Some people have committed and practiced weight loss plans but still can’t lose weight. Some may lose extra pounds but regain it quickly once they stop the diet program or discontinue taking weight loss capsules or pills.

In this modern world where people trust and believe the mass media more than anything else, the so called Hollywood-look is significant to many individuals. Being fat or obese creates a lot of anxiety, stress, and loss of self-confidence particularly for younger individuals. What can be more infuriating than trying to lose fat and failing in the end? Below are just a few reasons why people are having a hard time losing extra pounds.

Reasons Why Losing Fat May Be Difficult

There may be reasons why a person can’t lose pounds after being involved in some weight loss diet programs or exercises. Difficulty in weight loss isn’t only a problem faced by many. They also complain about regaining extra weight so fast when they stop the program they are performing or discontinue taking medications. Both concerns are interrelated, and if you’ve been strictly and carefully following diet programs but still can’t lose weight, then you have to discern what the problem is.

Body Imbalances and Disorder

Difficulty in losing extra weight can be triggered by a metabolic imbalance. This imbalance forces the body to store fat rather than burn the fat for energy. A person may also experience high blood pressure and increase weight around the abdomen area.

The chemical imbalance instigated by food restriction may also cause the body to require less energy to function and just make use of whatever energy is stored in the body. The metabolism is slowed down that’s why less glucose is required making body cells resistant to insulin. This makes the body cells to react less efficiently to insulin or the hormone that takes away sugar from your blood stream.

Thyroid Gland disorder may also affect the effectiveness of your weight loss plan. The thyroid gland, which is found just below the Adam’s apple, releases hormones straight into the blood stream and regulates the metabolism of the body. Any abnormalities in this gland can either slow down or speed up metabolism hence affecting all other vital organs in the body. This also affects the burning of bad cholesterol and fat and results to weight loss difficulty. However, you need to see a doctor and undergo a thyroid function lab test to rule out thyroid gland disorder as most illnesses have related symptoms.

• Toxins in Intestinal Tract

Another reason why some people can’t lose weight easily is due to the presence of parasites and toxins in the intestinal tract of the body. Presence of parasites and toxins in the intestinal tract prompts defensive reactions that generally involve the liver producing fat to engulf these toxins. The intestine generates mucus substances to shield the lining from toxins thus creating a good means for parasites to increase. The absorption speed slows down causing in lower metabolism rate and burning of fat.

The fat that engulfs these toxins if released during metabolism, while following a strict diet plan or doing exercises will discharge the toxins back into your blood stream. This will damage other body organs, thus, these organs will not work properly, causing less fat being burnt. This is why some people quickly gain weight again.

• Not Implementing an Exercise Program

Maybe you don’t exercise at all. Not only is exercising good for your health, but it will accelerate your metabolism rate, and you’ll burn more calories. Even walking or strolling at a normal speed for about 30 minutes will certainly help, but you need to be consistent.You should not stop just because you don’t notice the number on the weighing scale going down. It takes some time to get the body metabolism functioning at its best.

Start an exercise routine every day and add a healthy diet that comprises of sufficient amount of protein with each meal. Regularly consume whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and avoid junk food or unhealthy snacks. A food journal is also helpful so you can track the amount of calories in some of the foods you eat.

If some of these three reasons apply to you, you don’t have to be discouraged. You cannot definitely change your genes. However, you can modify how you connect with the environment and how you deal with weight loss concerns. Eating healthy foods, avoiding overeating and unhealthy meals as well as exercising regularly are essential factors to have a leaner figure and good health condition.

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