20 Top Weight Loss / Fat Burning Bloggers

Weight control not only concerns maintaining good physical health, but it is also a matter of personal identity. Whether one likes it or not, a person’s self-esteem is affected for better or worse by weight. The top 20 weight-loss and fat burning blogs listed are written by some health professionals as well as many average, every day people who recognize the need for continuous personal development and improvement through weight-loss.

# 1 Healthy Healing

Dr. Linda Page is a naturopathic doctor, author, and blogger specializing in holistic health and wellness. The blog features expert advice on natural weight-loss mainly through nutrition and fat burning herb combinations.

# 2 Keeping Up With Katie

Katie started her weight-loss journey in college using Weight Watchers. This twenty-something is now a busy, married health professional with a penchant for marathons and living life to the fullest with her husband Nick and completely spoiled pooch Kona.

#3 The Fat Lazy Guy’s Log

The Fat Lazy Guy’s log outlines a New Zealander’s journey from morbid obesity to completely fit by changing his outlook on food, fitness, and life. A guy who weighs in at 287 pounds down from over 500 pounds definitely should not be called lazy, though.

# 4 PeerTrainer

The most successful people in the battle of the bulge have a positive support system to help motivate them. The Peer Trainer is a unique blog community that provides expert weight-loss tips and a connects like-minded people together for motivation and accountability.

# 5 Finding Radiance

Lori lost over a 100 pounds three years ago, and her blog is all about how she is maintaining her weight through good nutritional habits, an active lifestyle, and great family relationships. Her recipes, sample workouts, and blog post about experimenting with different vegetables offer a realistic view on wellness.

# 6 Stay For Dinner

Andie Mitchell a self-proclaimed cook and baker was on her way to “half-tondom” as she so aptly puts it when she decided to stop the insanity and get serious about weight-loss. After losing over 130 pounds, this amazing twenty-something shares with others her inspirational life story, weight-loss maintenance path, and some tasty recipes.

#7 Men’s Health Fat Burners Blog

Men’s Health magazine has always given fitness and weight-loss advice geared towards a male audience. However, their fat burners blog now features five men journalling their real life weight-loss successes and setbacks.

# 8 Lynn’s Weigh

Lynn Haraldson had been through many diets in her lifetime, but she finally changed her attitude about eating to lose weight for good in 2005. Lynn’s inspirational weight-loss story was featured on Oprah and People magazine.

# 9 It Sux To Be Fat

At 280 pounds, Jennifer Swafford was motivated to lose weight to begin a family, and she’s now down a 100 pounds and running marathons. She invites people to join her on her continuing fitness quest.

#10 The Anti-Jared

When faced with dangerous health issues, the Anti-Jared blogger Tony took drastic measures to lose weight sans surgery. Tony is a chef by profession and did not want to lose weight eating sub sandwiches like the Subway restaurant spokesperson Jared. He did it his way with the help of Weight Watchers, and he inspires others to do the same.

#11 Skinny Emmie

Skinny Emmie should be named busy Emmie. That’s the story behind social media marketer and writer Emily who started her weight-loss journey at 455 pounds and is slowly moving down the scale to a healthy weight. She gives great tips on how to substitute healthy options for unhealthy ones even on special occasions like birthdays.

#12 Fit to the Finish

Diane Carbonell is a blogger and author of the book 150 Pounds Gone Forever. She offers advice and tips to others through her documented journey from morbid obesity to fit as a fiddle.

# 13 Mama Laughlin

Just a girl who used to be fat is how Mama Laughlin mother of two describes herself. She journals dropping her pregnancy weight, and her blog shows tips for working mothers who wish to do the same.

#14 The Spark People Blog

The Spark People Blog is a fitness and weight-loss community that offers tips, calorie counters, and general motivation to its followers.

#15 Belly Fat Burning Blog

This fat burning blog provides information on researched topics such as vegetables that burn fat and banishing junk food cravings biochemically.

#16 Losing Weight in the City

Theodora is New York City social bug and marathon runner who demonstrates that weight-loss in the city can be quite an enjoyable experience.

#17 The Token Fat Girl

Lorrie Fenn is striving to be the former “token fat girl.” Her weight-loss story began many years ago when she moved from West Virginia to New York City. Her approach to weight-loss involves eating cleaner foods and exercising. Her readers get the benefit of her documented lessons learned and healthy recipes.

#18 Diary of an Aspiring Loser

Results-oriented Michelle Arteaga documents her road to wellness through her blog and work out training reports. This success story describes a triathelete mother of two who maintains a healthy weight through clean eating and a passion for racing.

#19 Yum Yucky

Yum Yucky blogger Josie Maurer provides her readers with information on how to maintain good nutrition and fitness goals even in the midst of “health hater” family members. This light-hearted blog makes the road to wellness enjoyable as readers peruse through healthy recipes and beneficial work-out logs.

#20 Does This Blog Make Us Look Fat?

Rebecca Regnier knows that sometimes laughter is the best medicine and provides comic relief for those needing a supportive environment on their weight-loss journey. Her blog features cool video recipes, health and fitness product reviews, and loads of other dieting resources.


These blogs give great information about fat burning, weight-loss, and weight maintenance that are designed to help others to achieve excellent health. Many of the inspirational weight-loss journeys carry readers through a full spectrum of emotions from tears to laughter to inspiration.

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