Start Here

If this is your first time to the website, here are the recommended steps:

  1. Read the about us page to learn about us.
  2. Determine how many times you can and will be exercising per week.  If you can only exercise 2-3 times per week, the recommendation is to focus on the full body routines.  If you can exercise 5+ times, then take a serious look at the routines that focus more on a specific body part and rotate body parts as best as possible to give your muscles time to rebuild.
  3. Search for workouts you like in the search in the side of the blog.  Make sure to watch the ‘Explanation Video’ prior to exercising with Coach Michael and his student(s).  The teaching is only in the ‘Explanation Video’ as the full length video is an exercise video where he and student(s) push themselves, often to the point of failure (at which point it is very hard for anyone to keep perfect form).
  4. Take the initiative and call up a few friends, Facebook them, email, etc. and invite them to exercise with you. While the exercises can be done at a gym, we find them much more comfortable being done from home with a few friends.  And most people we have surveyed want to exercise, be slimmer, stronger, and more healthy, but often want some motivation to do so.  Be that motivation for others and they’ll be it for you! :)
  5. Share the videos, post comments, like the videos in Facebook, YouTube and everywhere else.  And if you don’t like something, please let us know with constructive criticism (we have feelings too 😉 ).   Let’s say the workout is too advanced and you just can’t follow it, then post specifically what you would like, “Could you give us a few beginner workouts focusing on biceps and back for an individual of age ___, with only bands working out from home.”  Now, that sounds like a great workout we could do, post, and voila!
  6. Get the equipment listed through our links.  By doing so, it helps us with the overhead of video production, new equipment as things fail, editing, posting, gear, and so on.  It’s costly, but foremost for us this is a passion and love.  At the same time, to be able to continue building this passion and reaching the 1,000,000 people we need your help!
  7. Communicate with us. What do you like, what do you want to see different? Let us know! We love to hear from you.


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