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SLIM STRONG & HEALTHY is a Nevada limited liability company (“SLIM STRONG & HEALTHY”). The company is involved in the commerce of trading the Slim Strong & Healthy Program products, as well as sending information via publications, newsletters, latest research, and articles. In addition, the company also sells e-books, audios and videos (“Goods”) associated with food, diet, nutrition and total health through the website (“Site”). This means that as a consumer purchasing one of our products, we, along with our service providers, will obtain certain information from you, such as your email address, credit card, telephone number and address (Private Information).  We have a variety of steps and processes in place in order to protect our client’s privacy, confidentiality and security, regarding you and all of your transactions via our website including third party associations, such as (“Agent”).

This confidentiality policy covers the use of private information that we receive from you, why we request private information from you, and the protective steps that we and our Agents take to ensure that your information is protected. It also explains the level to which you have authority over our use of your private information. By using our website, you hereby agree to be bound by this confidentiality agreement.

By giving us your personal information, you agree to the way in which SLIM STRONG & HEALTHY, as well as its Agents, collect, control and safeguard your information, in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Confidentiality Policy.

  • At the time of purchase of one of our e-books, videos or audios from the site, you will be required to submit your payment information to the website. This includes your debit or credit card number along with your zip code. Please note that this information may be saved and filed by Clickbank in order to process your orders. If you return any product, for any reason, you may be required to give personal information including your full name and address.  Clickbank gathers this information to protect against fraud and identity theft. Conversations and other communication methods with employees and agents may be saved or recorded.
  • SLIM STRONG & HEALTHY holds the right to passively gather information in regards to the use of its website. This data includes, but is not limited to, time spent on the site, particular pages visited, and third party websites that have been visited from the site.  Please note that cookies are used, which gives us the opportunity to improve our site for our members. These cookies are saved on user’s computers, not on our site. These are easily removed by you if you do not wish to have these on your hard drive.
  • SLIM STRONG & HEALTHY also makes use of Google Analytics for Display Ads. You can opt out of these at any time, by using the Ads Preferences Manager.
  • SLIM STRONG & HEALTHY makes use of re-advertising on the internet. This means that there are several third-party providers, including Google, that advertise the SLIM STRONG & HEALTHY brand and its products.
  • SLIM STRONG & HEALTHY, Google and third-party providers make use of first party cookies (Google Analytics) and third-party cookies (DoubleClick Cookie.) This is meant as a way to inform, optimize and show advertisements based on your previous visits to the site of SLIM STRONG & HEALTHY.
  • We use the latest technology available in order to safeguard Private Information in our care and authority. We take official, technical and secure measures to ensure all information is kept safe against illegal access. Even with the many safeguards we have in place, it’s important to note that no website is 100% safe.  We take every precaution to ensure your Private Information is protected against mismanagement, theft or loss.
  • Your use of the site includes your agreement to the terms and conditions of this Confidentiality Policy. You agree and consent to the fact that your Private Information may be used to keep records, help improve the content of our site, adjust the website to your classifications, send you information when you request it, and promote and research our products and programs.
  • SLIM STRONG & HEALTHY will never sell or give out your Private Information to third parties, unless those third parties are affiliated with our website. This includes monetary institutions like ClickBank, technical support, delivery services and contractors. All third parties must adhere to our Confidentiality Policy.
  • SLIM STRONG & HEALTHY makes use of Private Information to research ways to improve and enhance our products and services. To offer better services, we may combine the Private Information you provide us with the publicly accessible information we obtain. We use that combined information to enrich and enhance your buying experience with us.
  • You have the option of receiving information regarding our products and services, special deals and sales that you may be interested in. You can register to receive these periodic emails, and can easily opt out if you no longer want them.
  • Disclosing of Private Information in Lawful Sessions: When required by law, SLIM STRONG & HEALTHY will disclose members’ information without prior permission from its members. We may make your Private Information available to applicable authorities without your permission or legal proceedings. We will also make your Private Information available in the event of a search warrant or other inquiry within the legal framework. This includes making your Private Information known to third parties in relation to collection of debts owed to us.
  • Adjustments and updates to this Confidentiality Policy will be placed on the website within an appropriate time frame. It is your responsibility to check the site regularly for updates and to familiarize yourself with them. This Confidentiality Policy was updated on January 7, 2013.
  • This site is intended for those who live in the United States. It is recommended that users from the European Union not make their Private Information available to us. Any and all information that is supplied to us will be stored on servers located in the United States of America. Do not send us your Private Information such as your name or email address unless you agree to the usage of the U.S. Legal system.
  • Some of our departments, such as our electronic business, may be controlled by suppliers of our products whom are not affiliated with us. These companies may give out Private Information with their agents and with product providers that they use to deliver services in regards to the website or movement of our business. This includes, but not is not limited to, payment processing, fraud security, credit checks, product personalization, shipping, advertising, promotional material delivery, website analysis, and request fulfillment. These companies may be given your Private Information and will use your information only to carry out their required function.   
  • Confidentiality Choices / Opt-Out: You may choose to receive regular and promotional emails in regards to our programs, as well as general information including keeping fit, dieting and working out. You can opt out of these emails at any time by clicking the ‘unsubscribe’ link contained within the emails.
  • Our Confidentiality Statement and External Links: This Confidentiality Policy applies only to this site. There may be other, third-party or external links to websites that are owned by business affiliates, marketers or vendors, which are not under our authority. Each external website operates under their own Confidential Policy.
  • Getting In Contact With Us: If you have questions or concerns with regards to our Privacy Policy please contact us at: SLIM STRONG & HEALTHY, Inc. 848 N. Rainbow Blvd. # 4169, Las Vegas, NV 89107. Alternatively, you can send us an email at
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