The 7 Food Additives That Cause Weight Gain


downloadMany of the foods we commonly eat contain food additives. These additives are man-made synthetic chemicals. They are created in a lab and carefully chosen to make food taste better. But did you know these additives make you fat? Think about it if the food industry can make you eat more they sell more product making them far more money. Do you think they are in it to make money? These food additives are a major contributor to weight gain and obesity. The reason it’s becoming more common for adults to become overweight and unable to lose the weight is the use of these food additives.

The recent media alerts have shed light on the fact that these food additives are making us both unhealthy and fat. This is a vital public awareness message we should heed. While the manufacturers of products using these additives join forces to dispute the claims we must ask ourselves who is more motivated to keep the truth from consumers? Common sense tells us two things; the manufacturers of such products profit more from using these inferior and cheap additives. Covering up the risk of such additives insures they maintain higher profits. Those interested in public awareness have little to gain from sharing these findings with the people other than a peace of mind. As good consumers concerned for our health we should investigate further before we include such additives in our diets. The top 7 offenders are very commonly found in foods many of us consume every day.

1 – The one getting a lot of advertising to offset the claims about its health threatening side effects is corn syrup. First you should understand corn syrup is a man made sweetener both cheaper and sweeter than cane sugar. The recent attempt to counter the so called bad rap HFCS has received claims it to be safe and natural. It offers manufactures one big bonus. Corn syrup turns off the brains signal telling your body it is no longer hungry. This causes you to eat more and more as the brain is not signaling your body it is full. This is a huge benefit to the manufactures of such products while you eat more they sell more. High Fructose Corn Syrup or HFCS is found in soda, candy, condiments, cereals, bread and on and on the list goes. Read the labels opting for products that do not contain HFCS.

2 – The next big offender is flavor enhancers and MSG or Mono Sodium Glutamate more commonly found in Chinese food. The chemical additive MSG is also found in a variety of other foods and goes by other names such as; hydrolyzed vegetable protein, hydrolyzed plant extract, plant protein extract, sodium caseinate, yeast extract,textured protein, autolyzed yeast, hydrolyzed oat flour, natural flavorings and calcium caseinate just to name a few to the list of which dozens more exist.


MSG is the MOST addictive additive making you want to eat more and more. It is called an excitotoxin because it excites the brain stimulating cells so much so they can actually die off. This sounds over the top but because it induces over eating which translates into a lot more sales for manufacturers using it they do so. Many children and adults are allergic to MSG (as many as 80%) causing them to experience migraine like headaches, stomach pain and nausea, nervousness, high blood pressure and reproductive problems. It can be found in everything from fast food to the most common kids’ snacks, drinks, chips, and the like. It’s no wonder there’s an epidemic of childhood obesity.

3 – The most commonly known offender on the list is artificial sweeteners. There are no good artificial sweeteners. The list includes Splenda (sucralose), Nutra-Sweet(aspartame),Equal(aspartame),sweetnlow(saccharin), sorbitol,maltodextrin, dextrose, and acefulsame all advertising themselves to be weight loss foods while the counter opposite is true. The chemicals used to create these sweeteners are toxic to the brain and body. They also bypass the hunger mechanism normally telling you to stop eating. This causes you to crave more and more. A good rule of thumb is to avoid all products labeled as fat free, lite, nonfat, no calories, calorie free, reduced fat and reduced sugar. The reason being these foods are packed with artificial sweeteners. Read the labels before you buy anything avoiding these types of foods. Again manufacturers use these ingredients because they cause you to eat more of their products increasing their bottom line.

The others include; 4 – Artificial coloring 5 – Preservatives 6 – Trans fats 7 – Sodium Nitrite

The overall theme being food additives are more a tool used to turn off the brains signal that we are full allowing us to over eat and experience food addictions than simply making food taste better. You are no doubt wondering what you can do to turn this weight gaining trend around. First read food labels and stop eating the offending additives. There are healthy options using quality ingredients that don’t include the bad additives. Cleanse your body of the chemical build up created by the long term use of foods with additives. Once you’ve cleansed your body’s organs, especially the liver, of toxins your body will function like the energetic fat burning engine it once was.

These chemicals can cause numerous ailments and leave your body unhealthy and unable to effectively burn fat.  Sadly, the majority of our food supply contains these chemicals so it is incredibly difficult to avoid.

Now that we’ve identified some of the foods that may be hindering your progress, what can we do about it?

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