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downloadIt’s the day you’ve dreamed about all of your life. Ever since you were a little girl, you’ve closed your eyes and imagined what it would be like to have all of your friends and family gathered in one magical place. In this dream, everyone gasps and smiles as they watch you enter the room. You’re beautiful, and you’re glowing with joy as you walk down the aisle to join the love of your life.

It’s a dream that transports you into a magical wonderland, where every moment is perfect.

Unfortunately, the real world presents a different picture of your special day. As the day quickly approaches, you find yourself struggling to fit into that dress or swimsuit that makes you look like a princess. The stress and strain saps the life out of you and brings fear into your heart.

Don’t let that fear steal the joy of your perfect day. For An Event to replace worry with a slimmer you for the most important day of your life.

Follow a Proven Plan
The plan you need must be focused on short-term results. The difference between this approach and most diet plans is that you don’t have much time. While this isn’t a healthy option for a lifetime, you can see dramatic results quickly by intense, focused action over short periods of time.

For maximum benefit without putting your health at risk, follow this strict eating plan for a maximum of 2-3 months. Give yourself a one week break after every two weeks strictly following the plan.

What to Eat
The ideal plan to shed the pounds in a hurry requires 3 meals a day. Each day, you’ll target about 1 gram of protein and 6 calories per pound of your target weight.

A woman weighing 130 lbs. wanting to get to 115 lbs. would eat about 690 calories and 115 grams of protein spread over the 3 meals per day. Over half the calories will come from lean proteins (about 101 grams).

The remaining calories should primarily come from green vegetables. In between, you can drink water, coffee (without the sugar), or unsweetened tea.

Avoid any foods with processed carbohydrates or added sugar. For example, avoid breads, cookies, crackers, potato chips, soft drinks, etc.

In this special event diet, you will stick to non fat or low fat sources of protein.

Some examples would be: non-fat yogurt, non-fat cottage cheese, non-fat milk, skinned chicken breast, non-fat cheese, or similar.

A vital component in dropping the weight is making sure your body still gets the nutrition it needs. Supplement your aggressive eating plan with a daily multivitamin. In addition, you should also take fish oil capsules daily.

I recommend four to six capsules per day (1000 mg) for optimum results.  Make sure to use fish oil that is fresh and pure, made from small fish.


Lean Protein
The best ways to get fat free or low fat protein into your diet are through foods like non-fat cottage cheese, lean chicken breasts, lean beef, and egg whites. Make sure you take the skin off your chicken, and choose non-fat cheese or non-fat cottage cheese to dramatically reduce calories.

Protein powder is another good source of nutrition when you’re cutting calories in a rush. Make sure the protein powder is low in carbohydrates.

Fill up on Veggies
During stressful times, like planning an event as important as your wedding, you may be tempted to fill up on pasta or large amounts of meat. Your best bet for weight loss in a hurry, though, is to keep meat portions small and pasta out of the equation.
The good news is that once you get into the habit of filling up on green vegetables, you’ll gain a slimmer body and more energy for life.

Fill your plate with your favorite greens. You’ll feel satisfied at the end of each meal, which is important to keep you from binging and cheating. You’ll stay on track and keep a smile on your face.

For maximum weight loss in the shortest time possible, add moderate cardio exercise to your day at least 5 times per week for at least 1 hour. Be careful not to work out too intensely. Because you’re limiting your calorie intake, only moderate exercise is recommended.

If faster weight loss is needed, the amount of time of cardio can be increased. For example, add an additional 30 minutes of cardio in the evening with brisk walking, roller blading, a light jog, etc.

Plan your meals around your exercise. Don’t consume any food 3-4 hours before you exercise. Avoid food for at least an hour afterwards.

By adding more exercise to her day, she could increase the weight loss even further.

You must be careful to keep to moderate exercise to protect your health, because of the low amount of calories you’ll be consuming.

About half the weight lost will be from fat, and the other half will be water weight.

What to Expect
The goal of a drastic short-term weight loss plan is to create a calorie deficit that forces your body to shed the pounds. An average woman can expect to lose about 5-10 pounds in two weeks by following these tips.

Most importantly, you can achieve your dream of looking beautiful for the day you’ve been waiting for. With a little commitment and this aggressive plan, you’ll shed the pounds in time and stand proudly on the biggest day of your life.

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