Exercise to Get Rid Of Belly Fat

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Everyone knows that exercising will aid you in getting rid of belly fat, and most people do exercise to get rid of belly fat! But very few people know HOW it actually benefits you.

Most people are aware that when you exercise, your body expends a lot of energy.  In order to obtain the energy your body requires, it must break down the food you eat or the stored fat you have and convert it to fuel.

What many people are not aware of is the other benefits of exercise to get rid of belly fat.  Your body undergoes significant changes chemically on the cellular level in response to physical activity.

Benefits of Exercise to Get Rid of Body Fat

  • Your body’s basal metabolic rate (BMR) can be elevated for up to 72 hours post workout.  This means that your requirement for calories is increased substantially.  The more calories your body requires for energy, the faster you will be able to burn body fat.
  • Your body will become more anabolic.  Whenever you physically exert yourself, your body secretes specific hormones that promote the increase of muscle.  Muscles require calories in order to fully repair and strengthen post workout.  If you eat fewer calories than your body requires, than the body will breakdown excess body fat to be used to help repair the muscle tissue.
  • Exercise can help regulate cortisol.  Cortisol is a hormone released anytime you are under any type of physical or mental stress.  Exercise is a form of stress.  If too much cortisol is secreted, then the body will not function properly and may cause negative side effects such as insomnia, inability to recover properly, and adrenal fatigue.  If released in moderation (regular exercise), the body will actually begin to adapt and increase the threshold (amount it can withstand) without and negative effects.
  • Regular exercise will boost your immune system.  You will be healthier longer and rarely need to skip workouts because of illness.
  • Targeting the abdominal muscles during a workout can actually increase digestive health.  By stimulating the muscles of the abdominal, the muscles of the intestinal wall will in turn become stronger, thus pushing food through your digestive system faster than before.  Suddenly, your body will be able to absorb the essential nutrients in food at an accelerated rate.  This increase of nutrients will positively affect all your body’s systems including your ability to burn fat.  This will also allow your body to flush out the toxic materials in food that negatively affect you as well.

Clearly daily exercise is beneficial to your overall health.  The positive effects such as your ability to burn fat is much more than just burning calories during your workout, and actually goes all the way down to the cellular level by manipulating hormones and increasing your body’s productivity.

Now that you know a little more about why you should exercise to get rid of belly fat, get out there and do it!

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