Top 9 Testosterone Killers & How To Save Your Testosterone

low testosterone

Low testosterone can affect relationships by upsetting your libido

In many cases, low testosterone is down to one or more of nine causes.  This common condition in men can adversely affect your standard of life. It has been linked to reduced strength, low performance, low energy, and poor libido.

Luckily, there are some great resources out there. Books like Testosterone Boosting Tips should be considered if this is a serious issue for you. But here we’ll be talking about the killers of Testosterone so you can start avoiding problems.

1) Obesity

Being overweight can drop testosterone levels. According to a 2010 study published by the University of Buffalo, 40 percent of obese males had low testosterone levels. Weight loss through diet and exercise can help bring testosterone levels back into a more normal range.

2) Type 2 Diabetes

The same study shows that Type 2 Diabetes is also linked to low testosterone levels – as well as obesity. “The effect of diabetes on lowering testosterone levels was similar to that of a weight gain of approximately 20 pounds”, noted an author involved in the study, Sandeep Dhindsa, MD. Type 2 Diabetes and Obesity can be countered with changes in diet and exercise. Making these changes will help control blood sugar levels and furthermore help normalize testosterone levels.

3) Inactivity

Inactivity leads to loss of lean muscle, which in turn decreases testosterone levels. Testosterone is found in muscle tissue, so the more lean muscle mass, the more testosterone in the body. Strength training and weight bearing exercise are good ways to build muscle and increase testosterone levels naturally.


Inactivity, stress and lack of sleep can all contribute to low testosterone levels

4) Stress

Stress causes many health issues, including lower levels of testosterone. With the stress levels caused by daily living, it is no wonder so many men are affected by low testosterone. Adrenaline and cortisone levels are increased during stressful situations. Long-term exposure in the body to these affects the body’s ability to produce other hormones. This includes lower levels of testosterone.

5) Varicocele

A varicocele is a bundle of blood vessels in the testicles that becomes enlarged and filled with blood. A defect prevents the blood from properly draining and keeps the testicles at an elevated temperature. This in turn not only affects sperm production, but testosterone production as well, resulting in low testosterone levels.

6) Excesses

Indulging in too much alcohol, sugary foods, fatty foods, and cigarettes all lower testosterone in the body. However, unlike with alcohol and smoking, some fat is actually necessary in the production of testosterone. Hence, a healthy balance in moderation should be the goal.

7) Lack of Sleep

Lack of sleep causes the body to have lower levels of testosterone. During sleep, the body increases its production of testosterone, hence the morning erection and increased libido after a good night’s sleep. It is recommended to get more than five hours of good sleep a night to maintain proper testosterone levels.

8) Over Training

While exercise is important to build lean muscle and increase testosterone levels, over-training can actually have a reverse effect on testosterone, lowering levels for several days. Continual over-training keeps testosterone levels low which may lead to the health issues listed above.

9) Other Factors that Kill Testosterone

Certain diseases and conditions, such as thyroid problems and kidney disease, and certain medications including chemotherapy can all have an affect on testosterone levels in the body. Low testosterone can also occur by overeating foods that increase estrogen levels, such as soy, licorice, hummus, and flax seed.

The good news is that you can boost your testosterone levels naturally and at the same time improve your overall health, skin, energy, libido and more!  And you can do it at a fraction of the cost of the dangerous supplements.  A fantastic video on how to improve testosterone levels naturally is available here.


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