The Fruit That Burns Off Calories

Smart dieters know that fruits and vegetables are a vital part of healthy weight loss plans, but what may come as a surprise is that some fruits may offer much more than basic vitamins and minerals to the body. Recent research suggests that there is a substance found within some types of fruit that will actually help a person to lose weight faster.

That substance is called ursolic acid and some scientists suggest that consuming it will increase the muscle mass in a person’s body, and that it will also increase metabolism. This information was discovered during an experiment at The University of Iowa in 2011 that found that ursolic acid was responsible for increased muscle growth. The study was originally begun to measure the impact of ursolic acid on the lifespan of cells, but researchers noticed a side effect of reduced body fat, blood sugar levels, and even cholesterol in the mice used for the research.

The primary fruit that people think about when looking at good sources of ursolic acid is an apple since the skin of the apple peel has this compound within the fatty layer. Although eating the skin off an apple has long been considered a healthy activity, the presence of ursolic acid has increased the health benefits of a simple apple peel.

Fruits Containing Ursolic Acid

Apples aren’t the only fruits to contain ursolic acid, and to improve consumption of ursolic acid without requiring a steady diet of apples the following additional fruits may also be considered:


Other Foods with Ursolic Acid

Beyond fruits that contain ursolic acid, a number of herbs and other foods offer some of this substance and may be included in various cooking recipes:

Elder flower

Health Benefits beyond Weight Loss

The United States Department of Agriculture suggests that a healthy diet is one high in fruits and vegetables and offers many reasons why eating fruit offers terrific health benefits and valuable nutrients to the body.

In general, a diet that includes fruit will offer a person reduced risk of many ailments like heart attack and stroke while also providing protection against certain cancers. Fruit may also help to lower blood pressure due to the presence of potassium, and may also help to prevent bone loss and guard against the formation of kidney stones.

Fighting Against Disease

Ursolic acid may be responsible for significant reduction in the potential for disease as a recent study by a group of researchers at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Texas suggests that the presence of ursolic acid may restrict growth of tumors. Recently, another group of scientists suggested through some very early study on the subject that ursolic acid could lengthen the life of a cell even if that cell was already programmed to expire. Some scientists have even hypothesized that ursolic acid could have a positive effect on preventing breast cancer.

Study after study seems to suggest that consumption of ursolic acid, or phytochemicals such as those available in various fruits, could have many different benefits. Various components of fruits and vegetables are often said to improve health and make it easier to lose weight, but ursolic acid seems to be a much more powerful element of such foods than previously thought. Scientists will likely continue to investigate the positive attributes of this significant dietary element.

Apples as a Super Fruit

Eating an apple isn’t just a good idea for people who are trying to lose weight. Including an apple in a person’s diet offers people who are trying to maintain their weight some terrific tools to keep their body healthy. Apples also make it more difficult to gain that weight back.

Apples are a terrific tool to ward off hunger. The healthy fiber and low calorie content make it easy to eat an apple and feel full for hours without having to consume a ton of calories. For anyone who is trying to lose weight or keep it off, resisting the urge to eat too much is vital and apples are a significant help for this goal.

Fiber is also an extremely healthy part of a smart diet because it helps digestion so significantly. In addition, fiber is a truly hearty substance that the body must work hard to digest. This means that the body will actually burn more calories just to digest an apple due to its high fiber content.

Not only do apples lower various risk factors for all sorts of diseases like type 2 diabetes and various cancers, but a study by the University of Maryland Medical Center suggested that the plant pigment quercetin, which is present in the skin of an apple (as well as in onions and tomatoes), improved lung function.

Apples should be a part of anyone’s healthy diet plan, but they definitely should be a fruit included in any diet where weight loss is the goal.

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